Peer Review #3

For the third peer review, I was assigned Mileys blog, which incorporates both food and travel as on website. I haven’t seen a blog that fits both aspects yet, so it was very interesting and appealing to myself once learning about the basic theme of her blog. The visuals she has added to her home page, along with the general layout of the design she chose, really fit hand in hand with each other. To expand on this, she has a scenic, tranquil photo that takes up most of the home page once you click onto her website. Then, the simple and clean looking layout she chose makes sure to not make the general visual of the website look too crowded. In terms of her general business plan in context, she hasn’t really clarified the locations of the specific meals she has had. For example, on he L.A trip, she posted a variety of foods such as strawberry cheesecake, and pasta carbonara, however none of them mention which restaurant she ate this, which would have been very helpful for people who are interested in gaining more insight on her blog in general. I would suggest aiming better with details and making sure not to miss anything that could be useful to the reader. If she would like to stand out from other food/travel blogs, she should bring her own unique touch. Being different from the crowd is what will make her stand out and be successful in the long run I am sure! Reading about Miley’s reason as to why she travels was very touching, and well thought out. Opening up about travelling to Canada for school and meeting new people as well as experiencing the very different culture present around our society, is a very nice perspective to read about in general. One more suggestion is to include more links within her post as well. I was not able to find any links other than her social media on her posts. Providing links to the restaurants or travel sights she has written and talked about, will help readers navigate more easily in her website. This way they are simply a click away to learning more about what Miley has written about in her blog posts. To conclude, It is very pleasing viewing Mileys magnificent work that she has put into her website, with great visuals, and very fascinating blog posts about food and travel experiences, I suggest her to focus more now on the business aspect of her blog, and to break down, into categories, what her goals are for the future.

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