Peer Review #1

I am assigned to peer review Remy’s blog in Pub 201 ( My first impression of Remy’s blog is how clean and simple the flow of the website is, the theme chosen was very well thought out, since it works perfectly for her main travel related website. This aspect of her blog is extremely appealing to the eye. Her blog is travel focused, with many images shared, informing her viewers on her personal experiences travelling. Her blog is very well organized, in the sense that everything is categorized into “travel diaries”,” location spotlights”, and “behind the scenes”. Moreover, she provides links and previews of her Instagram, which is also a mirrored image of the exact theme she is trying to portray. When clicking on the “behind the scenes” file, it seems to have no content so far, which I’m assuming will have further posts in the future. The same thing occurred with “location spotlights”.  Reading through her travel diaries category was very insightful and well detailed, sharing specific locations she had visited in places such as Portland, Oregon. I was having trouble locating some process posts, the only one I was able to find was the introduction. Also, a possible suggestion may be to review her posts, since I did notice some phrases such as “next stop” were becoming a little too repetitive. I was left unsure with the brand she was trying to sell (if there was any) or if there was a cause she was trying to promote. I enjoyed the lifestyle/travel blog type; however, another suggestion may be to slowly transition into a more “professional self’.  Ways in which this could be done is becoming more specific in identifying a product or products she is going to sell, also proof reading her content beforehand. Additionally, most of the posts made are mainly all positive reviews, but there should also be some honesty with possible experiences that were not so great! This way, people can perceive the whole journey. The only tabs that followed along each, were that of her Instagram page. She may want to provide more links to resourceful travel necessities, for example. To conclude, going through Remy’s blog was very pleasing, and I believe if she can make a more distinct professional self, as well as providing more links to resources, she will reach the classes goal for pub 201, in creating a professional self!

What to do if you are HIV positive

If you become infected with HIV, it is crucial to seek medical attention from a professional physician as soon as possible. Once meeting with a doctor, they may suggest Art ( antiretroviral therapy) as a possible form of treatment. This method will consist of taking various medications in a planned manner. It is important to remember, this will help people live longer, but it will NOT cure people from HIV.

What is Aids?

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, is basically a later stage of HIV. This is when the body becomes even more weaker, and a certain type of cell ( CD4) is under 200 specifically. CD4 cells are part of the humans immune system, and help us fight off infection.

What is HIV?

Human immunodeficiency virus is an attack on our human body’s immune system. There are different ways of transmitting the disease, which can include; using needles of someone who is already infected, having sexual contact with an infected individual, breast feeding, and transfusion of blood. If left untreated, HIV will eventually lead to AIDS, and kill an individual. There are forms of treatments ( Art therapy) in which people are able to prolong their life expectancy. Unfortunately, there is still no cure yet to date.

Visual Professional Self

I decided to not create a brand logo, since I strongly believe that the universal symbol for HIV, is so widely recognizable already. Moreover, this blog is meant to provide useful links to resources, and can be categorized as more of an ‘awareness’ blog rather than something selling a product. With this weeks focus also having a certain type of ” identifiable trait”, I hope that users that have visited my website can gain more general knowledge on the infection, its characteristics, and the aftermath of dealing with it. My goal is to have people identify my website as helpful blog with more insight and resources (linked).

Who is my audience?

My target audience in which I hope to strategically grasp the attention of, includes people who may be in the health field themselves, and would like to know more information about HIV. Moreover, people who may be diagnosed themselves with the infection and are browsing the web for helpful links and support, are also encouraged to visit this blog. Statistics do reveal that there has been a gradual decrease in the cases of HIV among residents of B.C ( since the 1980’s), however that does not mean that the infection has been completely eradicated from the province. Thus, survivors of HIV are highly encouraged to see the resources available around the region.


This post is meant to inform the viewers on what exactly this blog site is about, and to expect as well. I hope to spread more awareness about HIV, the general course of infection, treatment, and care. Updates on recent findings will also be posted with links.

About me

Hello, and welcome to my page! thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and learn more about HIV. I am a third year Health Sciences student at SFU, with an interest of doing my masters in Public Health in the future. I am hoping to bring more general awareness about Human Immunodeficiency Virus, as it is a serious problem with no cure at the moment.