Is there a cure for HIV ?

Currently, unfortunately there are no cures for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. There are many reasons as to why this is the case, which I am hoping to cover in more detail in my later posts. However, the main difficulties associated with HIV is; the high mutation rate present within the virus, the great ability for HIV to hide within our bodies without being detected (due to extremely low levels at some point), and HIV specifically targeting our CD4 T cells These are the bodies main cells to defend the immune system whenever any foreign threat is introduced to the body. There are some cases where some people are astonishingly immune to HIV, and one person called ” the berlin patient” was cured from HIV, yet doctors were unsure exactly how it all happened. I am sure, with further research and maintaining hope to find a cure in the future for HIV, as well as devoted individuals working in the field, one day we will find the cure to this deadly virus that has taken an overwhelmingly high number of lives to date.


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